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Ecclesiastes 3:1

Life Coaching is useful in all seasons because it deals with the present and moving forward.

Just as the seasons can bring marked changes in weather, life seasons can, as well. We seem to be more prepared and equipped to change and adjust with the 4 seasons . We buy seasonal clothes, prepare our homes, consider when to travel and plan events. I believe the predictability of the change of seasons in most places make the adjustment easier. However, there are hundreds of seasons in life.

They come through relationships and decisions: school, college, marriage, children, career, jobs, moving, finances, etc. Life is good but i think is best if learn to live intentionally well. Even when changes happen, we knew we were moving in the right direction- growing, changing, learning-but with intention. We can learn to change and adjust to life seasons no matter how "cold" or "hot" they get. It is simply a better way to live.