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Ecclesiastes 3:1

Life Coaching is useful in all seasons because it focuses in the present and moving forward.

Just as the seasons can bring marked changes in weather, life seasons can as well. We seem to be more prepared to change and adjust with the 4 seasons in climate . We buy seasonal clothes, prepare our homes, consider when to travel and plan events, among others. I believe the predictability of the change of seasons in most places make the adjustment easier.

However, there are hundreds if not millions of unpredictable seasons in life itself. They come through personal development, external and internal changes, all kinds of decisions we make and other people make. Some are school, college, relationships,career and jobs, moving, finances related Life is good but i think is best if we learn to live intentionally.

Both in my personal and professional life, i find that many bad consequences , as adults, result from poor planning and preparation. Of course, many events in life are unpredictable and unavoidable, especially when other people make decisions which impact us.

Yet, i am convinced that there are a lot more decisions than not we can make to live prepared and intentionally. In fact, i think when we live intentionally, we can best deal with external..decisions by others. When changes happen, we tend to know quickly how well or ill prepared we were.We can learn to change and adjust to life seasons no matter how "cold" or "hot" they get. It is simply a better way to live.