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    Dr. Torres, Psy.D.


    Certified Biblical Life Coach



    I want to share some things about me while you decide who to choose as your Life Coach. I love God, life, and people with all my heart. I firmly believe decisions can greatly alter our lives for good or bad. We are never too young or old to learn wisdom and to apply it daily to decision making.


    Life is challenging. Learning to make good, wise decisions is challenging. I believe that a good life is made up of many good decisions. The opposite is true as well. Making good decisions to correct bad ones is even more challenging. Mostly, I believe both can be done.


    At Solomon's Porch I will teach you to become skillful in decision making and to learn the art of self awareness and relating to others.

    I invite you to schedule a half hour consultation at no cost at

    972-837-7477 or drcoachtorres@gmail.com.

  • Head Coach – Dr. Torres, Psy.D.


    They matter in life.  They are life's cause to an effect. They are life's deal breaker. Decisions matter for personal leadership and relationship mastery. They matter for every life aspect .

    I will  coach you in the art of decision making .

     Premarital & married couples 


     Business Starts-ups


    Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
    Chicago School of Professional Psychology



    Masters of Education: Counseling Psychology
    Temple University



    Bachelor of Arts: Psychology
    Temple University



    Certified Biblical Life Coach
    Biblical Coaching Academy


    Certified Belief Therapist

    Therapon Institute





    References Available

    Request at drcoachtorres@


    As your Life Coach...

    I will be your professional/ personal life trainer. My extensive training and experience in counseling, education, psychology and life coaching offer a great combination of areas of expertise to guide you.



  • I coach and train people, not goals

    Relationship is at the core of all your decisions, transitions and goals

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Feel free to ask more questions at drcoachtorres@gmail.com

    What Will I Get At Solomon's Porch?

    At Solomon's Porch Life Coaching you will learn the "how to" be and "do" life, to do what is important for you in life.



    Why Do I Need a Life Coach?

    You and I need a Life Coach if we want support, direction, instruction, training and mastery of skills in an area. Life Coaching affords us an excellent opportunity for change, growth, development, advancement, competence, diligence and focus in any area of life we desire to build.


    All professional athletes have coaches, from little leagues to the Olympics. Somehow, we have to translate our understanding of the obvious: if professional athletes need and want coaches why would we not? The question is do we want to live and work at an optimal level?

    Can You Help Me?

    YES! I have the answers but you need to provide the questions and goals.

    What is the Difference Between a Counselor, a Psychotherapist and a Life Coach?

    A counselor offers professional guidance in resolving personal problems and conflicts. A therapist offers treatment of psychological disorders through a professional technique. A life coach offers training, accountability and direction to reach goals and decisions.


    I am trained and experienced in all three areas.

    Do You Offer Free Consultations?

    Yes. I believe preliminary consultations are necessary to ensure success through the best possible client-coach match.

    It is the best way to determine if there is a good match and rapport between a client and coach.

    This is where my training and clinical experience is used to assess the need of clients and make recommendations.


    Are Life Coaching Sessions Over The Phone?

    Yes, traditionally. most Life Coaching sessions are over the phone. Phone sessions allow clients convenience and privacy.

    Video calls (sessions through video calls) are also available. However, If my consultation results in a recommendation is for counseling or therapy, the needs can only be dealt with in person or through a referral.

    What Makes You Different From Other Coaches?

    The integration of extensive training and experience in both coaching and counseling. Besides, i coach the person not the goals. I strongly advise potential clients to become good consumers and learn about a prospective Life Coach credentials, education and experience. The decision to select a specific Life Coach or Counselor must not be done solely on finances or medical coverage but on the best match between client and a professional. Your life is the best investment you can make. I personally welcome questions and provide information through an introductory 30 minute session at no cost. In addition, i will also provide references upon request. I confidently can say to a potential client "just give me one session to test me and the rest to trust me."

    Why & Why Not?

    WHY life coaching? WHY is the most important question to ask yourself before you make a decision to get a coach. Once you answer WHY, you are ready to commit and work to achieve it. Coaching is about change, progress, mastery, vision, purpose, fulfillment and more but you need to know WHY for you, personally.


    WHY NOT? WHY NOT is the most important question to ask yourself after you decide not to get a coach.

    Although most people are well aware of all the benefits of coaching for athletes, entertainers, business owners and financial experts, not all are aware of the value of coaching for their personal life. Answering WHY NOT, is very important for you. .

  • Schedule A Consultation At No Cost




    Skype: drcoachtorres

  • Words From Clients...



    "Dr. Torres,


    Thank you so much for everything you have done and are still doing for me as a counselor, mentor and life coach.


    In the last few years, you have helped me through some of the toughest challenges of my adult life. And, as I have said many times before, I really would not have been able to work through them without your guidance and support.


    Your positive and non-judgemental methods have helped me open up and learn to trust again. And your genuine desire to help people has been giving me hope and the will to work through the challenges and obstacles life throws at me, which has allowed me to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


    I feel very fortunate to have you there for me during some of the most integral moments of my struggles with my family, career and self discovery.


    As I progress and continue to grow, I want to express my gratitude for teaching me how to invest and believe in myself.


    Thank you Dr. Torres."


    — Jaden

    "YOU LED US"

    Married Couple

    "Hello Dr. Torres,

    I wanted to write you this email to express my gratitude for all you have done for me and my husband. You are a truly talented woman and an extremely knowledgeable coach and counselor.


    As a couple, we have come a long way and have grown and are continuing to grow on a positive path. This could not have been done without you, and for that we thank you. We truly feel you are our advocate and want what is absolutely best for both of us.


    You’ve not only helped us better understand each other, but you’ve lead us to make the best choices for our marriage based on where we were and our vision for our future together. You challenged us to grow and do more than we thought we could, while holding us accountable along the way.


    Now, as individuals, we better embrace ourselves for who we are. As a couple, we are giving and accepting of the gifts we share with one another that make our relationship unique and our marriage sacred.


    You have been a true expert throughout the process of helping us grow and change for the better.


    Thank you so much!"


    — Keila & Ben



    "Dr. Torres is awesome. She helped me find true happiness.

    I first met Dr. Torres in order to help another person, but she saw that it was me that needed some direction. She helped me realize that if I can’t first help myself then I couldn’t help others.

    During my time with Dr. Torres, we dealt with that negative event in my life as well as other negative events and saw how they shaped me into the person I had become. I was in a self-perpetual destructive cycle and she taught me how to break it. Dr. Torres taught me forgiveness, how to forgive other, allow others to forgive me and more importantly forgive myself.

    Dr. Torres showed me that true happiness begins with me, not with others. As I began my journey to happiness, I often felt bad because of the ones I had hurt and would have to revisit “Forgiveness”.

    Dr. Torres helped me see that the true meaning of happiness begins with forgiveness and today I am a very happy person. I no longer place a high value what other think of me, but I do strive to be a better person. Today, my life does not revolve around my career, it revolves around what I believe will help me stay on the path of true Happiness. I no longer try to control what is out of my control and allow event to come to me rather than force them.

    Life is full of adversity and Dr. Torres has given me the tools to deal with and overcome them. My motto has always been, “Living the Dream” and thanks to Dr. Torres I can truly say that I am living the dream.


    Thank you Dr. Torres."


    — Gary



    "Words cannot express what a blessing Dr. Torres has been in my life.


    I came to her afraid and paralyzed by anxiety and depression. She immediately calmed my fears by listening and reminding me of the power and comfort that comes from trusting in God. As a believer, that meant all to me.


    Over the next year she challenged me mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and I eventually came to a place of healing and restoration, equipped with the tools needed to move forward.


    I truly appreciate how she allowed God to use her during what has turned out to be one of the most difficult but spiritually rich times in my life!"


    — Shandi



    "Dr. Torres,


    I can’t say where I would be today without Dr. Torres—or if I’d “be” at all.


    Dr. Torres helped me uncover the barriers that blocked me from being the person I wanted to be, and she set me on a firm path to free myself. I worked with her for three years, unraveling a miasma of childhood trauma, and she taught me how to overcome my past, take control of my present, and shape my future into the kind of life I wanted to live.


    Thank you."


    — Erina



    Dr. Torres has challenged me in more ways than I can count but she doesn’t challenge me for no reason, she always ties it into the areas of my life that need growth in. “Balance is the key!” She kept saying. I will never forget that phrase, nor do I want to because it made who I am today and continues to help me every day. I use to keep myself busy all the time and burn myself out, I used to have friendships and relationships that I didn’t realize were dysfunctional, and I never blended my creative nature with my gift for detail. However, Dr. Torres taught me that balance is the way to lead a healthy life. She taught me to work my hardest when I needed to and rest when I needed to. That I need to give to others but I also need to give to myself. I’ve always considered myself a creative person but somehow I’ve reach a whole new level of creativity when I mixed it with my organization skills. Now I’m on the verge of creating my own dance program and the passion that I had for teaching has tripled because everything that God put in me is being aligned with my purpose. I would suggest Solomon's Porch Life Coaching to everyone, even people who know exactly what they want to do in life, because I was pretty set on what I wanted to do and she helped me refine it and even helped me realize why I wanted to do it.



  • At Solomon's Porch Tenets: My Approach

    Personal Coaching- Pursue Fulfillment!
    As individuals we are constantly faced with decisions. We need to learn how to make good decisions through wisdom. Great decisions make up a greatly fulfilled life. As your personal coach, I would help you connect with purpose and passion and to act to accomplish goals accordingly. Most people we admire have pursued their personal vision.


    Leadership Coaching- Influence This World!

    As leaders, we can leave a legacy to our family and this world in our personal field of influence. We can be leaders in our personal and professional life at many levels. Those in positions of leadership in families, career, ministry and jobs, need encouragement and leading themselves to meet challenges and create solutions and conquer obstacles.


    Parenting Coaching- Build Your Children !
    As parents we are constantly making decisions about our children.

    Good parenting builds future adults. Parenting is a relationship. Life Coaching will help you have healthy and productive relationship with your children. Parenting must be intentional to be successful. Training your children in "the way they should go" is not a guarantee but an insurance policy. Parents will be coached to implement parenting strategies and enjoy the rewards.


    Relationship Coaching- Connect Well !
    Relationships are the connectors of life. We are in relationship to both people and systems. The success and quality of our life depends on the quality of our relationships. We can have healthy or unhealthy relationships. The reality is that to live a real good life takes real good and healthy relationships . Our relationships can either derail or anchor us in the journey of life. Unhealthy relationships steal time, focus and energy. Healthy relationships motivate, inspire and support. I will coach you to understand relationships, make great decisions to connect well in life through relationships.


    Marriage Coaching- Enjoy Marriage!
    Couples who love each other and want to stay married have to work harder and longer but get the best rewards. The longevity of marriage

    depends on keeping the long term picture vivid daily. The reality is that marriage sharpens both people to build unity long term. A couple can accomplish anything through unity. As your life coach i will help couples plan and execute strategies to enjoy marriage through all seasons.



  • Relationships Matter


    Dr. Torres


  •      Wisdom is higher!

    Proverbs 4:7

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