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A Professional Coach

Just about 30 years ago, my only knowledge of a coach was related to sports. In all the years i trained as a clínical psychologist and counselor, i never knew of a life coach. Not that i follow sports but coaching was definitely a word i personally associated with sports.

When i trained as a Life Coach, 17 years ago, i loved and appreciated the flexibility..and opportunities it provided to clients and myself as a single, homeschooling mom.

Notably, i try to help people be good consumers and have some basic criteria before they hire a life coach. I realize that many people are just like i was years ago, not sure what a life coach really is. I thought of some points i consider very important to know. First, while credentials and experience are easy to find, good character and personality are much easier to pick up during a consultation in person or by phone.

In effect, credentials and experience should reinforce the decision to invest financially on a specific coach while character. and personality is more related to the establishment and success of the coach-client relationship.

Many times, the client-coach relationship is mistakenly perceived as a "paíd friendship". However, there is a big difference in expectations and intentionality. The coach is a guide, motivator , facilitator and empowerment partner. The client.brings their goals and objectives to the coach who provides the structure.and accountability for direction and purpose.

A professional coach is paíd and hired with only the intention to establish a working relationship with the purpose of working together on goals, decisions and transitions.

Life Coaching is intentional from beginning to end on both sides. It is sought and maintain by the client . It is welcomed, guided and facilitated with the utmost intentionality with to bring a desired outcome for the client's personal goals.